Couple & Family Scales

We offer other highly valid and reliable couple and family scales for use your in research project.

Three Couple Scales

David H. Olson, David G. Fournier, and Joan M. Druckman

The Three Couple Scales package contains three 10-item subscales that can be used for research: SatisfactionCommunication, and Conflict Resolution.

The Satisfaction scale provides a global measure of satisfaction by surveying ten areas of the couple’s marriage. These areas include the major categories: i.e. personality, role responsibilities, communication, conflict resolution, financial concerns, management of leisure time, sexual relationship, parental responsibilities, relationships with family and friends, and religious orientation. *This scale can be purchased individually.

The Communication scale is concerned with an individual’s feelings, beliefs, and attitudes about the communication in his/her relationship. Items focus on the level of comfort felt by both partners in being able to share important emotions and beliefs with each other, the perception of a partner’s way of giving and receiving information, and the respondent’s perception of how adequately she/he communicates with partner.

The Conflict Resolution scale assesses an individual’s attitudes, feelings and beliefs toward the existence and resolution of conflict in his/her relationship. Items focus on the openness of partners to recognize and resolve issues, the strategies and procedures used to end arguments, and their satisfaction with the way problems are resolved.

Family Satisfaction

David H. Olson

A direct method of assessing family satisfaction is the Family Satisfaction Scale. It is a 10-item scale that is designed to measure satisfaction on the dimensions of family cohesion and family adaptability (flexibility).

Family Communication

David H. Olson and Howard Barnes

This 10-item self-report scale is a revision of the 20-item Parent-Adolescent Communication scale, which is no longer available. The most relevant 10 items were selected, and the statements refer to the entire family rather than parent and/or adolescent. The scale has good alpha reliability and norms.

Clinical Rating Scale

David H. Olson

The Clinical Rating Scale is an observational instrument that is designed primarily for use by therapists. It can be used to rate the family’s behavior on the dimensions of cohesion, flexibility, and communication. The scores are used to plot the family or couple on the Circumplex Model.