Purchase Research Scales

Purchase scales through the Prepare/Enrich store. Click the links below and find the scales under Research Packages category.

  • Three Couple Scales (Satisfaction, Communication, Conflict Resolution)
  • Family Satisfaction
  • Family Communication
  • Clinical Rating Scale

We sell many highly validated and reliable scales to meet your research needs. For more details on each scale, visit the FACES IV or Other Scales page.

Current scales that assess families:

  2. Family Communication
  3. Family Satisfaction

Current scales that assess couples:

  1. Three Couple Scales (Satisfaction, Communication, Conflict Resolution)
  2. Couple Satisfaction

Current scales for clinicians:

  1. Clinical Rating Scale
What comes in the scale package?

Scales packages typically include an overview of the scale, validation studies, questionnaire, and scoring instructions.

To purchase a research scale, fill out the order form and submit it to help@prepare-enrich.com.

We’ll process your order and email you a link to download the materials.

How do I pay for the scales?

Credit card or PayPal is accepted.

I don’t have PayPal or PayPal is not allowed in my country. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Experience team to learn about other payment options.

Are there any discounts? If I am a student, can I get the scale for free?

Unfortunately, we cannot give our scales away for free.  However, we do offer a discount for Master’s and Doctoral students.  Please check our order forms for the specific prices and discounts we offer.

Can I buy scales if I am an undergraduate student?

If you are an undergraduate student, please have your professor purchase the scale for you.

Unfortunately, there are some scales that we do not sell anymore, PAIR being one of them.  We are working on updating the reliability of some of our scales, as they are out of date.  In the meantime, we recommend trying our Three Couple Scales in place of PAIR.

You will only receive one permission letter per scale purchase, which allows you to use the scale for one project. If you’d like to use the scale for another project, we would recommend purchasing (permission to use) the scale again.

Can I buy a scale and allow my whole team to use it for the same project?

Yes, as long as they are all working on the same project.

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