Couple Typology

Our primary research has illuminated five unique couple types. Interested in what they are and how we discovered them? Read on to learn more about this foundational aspect of Prepare/Enrich research.


The numbers don’t lie. Prepare/Enrich has effectively served over 4 million couples at all stages of life. Read on to learn how the assessment has been validated for almost 40 years, increasing relationship satisfaction and reducing couples’ risk of divorce.

Prediction of Marital Success

We can’t predict the future… But when it comes to marital success, Prepare/Enrich can sure get close. Read on to learn how Prepare/Enrich first began pinpointing the differences between relationships that last—and those that don’t.

Bridging Research, Theory, and Practice

Articles on research studies? Debates on theories? Analysis of therapeutic practices? All pretty common in academia. But an assessment that bridges all three realms? That is rare. This unique trifecta is what has propelled Prepare/Enrich from the beginning.

Prepare/Enrich By The Numbers

40years of research validation
1200peer-reviewed journal article mentions
200000Certified Facilitators
4000000couples who've experienced the life-changing relationship insights

What is the Circumplex Model?

The Circumplex Model measures cohesion and flexibility in couples and families. Utilizing this tool can help you better understand the importance of resilience in relationships.

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The Prepare/Enrich blog is the perfect resource for couples and those that work with them. Here you'll find relatable insights and practical tips for strengthening relationships.

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